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A Museum of Memories to Commemorate the Partition of India

An initiative of The Arts And Cultural Heritage Trust.

We are setting up the Partition Museum, the first in the world , at Town Hall in Amritsar, in time to commemorate the 70th year of the Partition of India.

This will be primarily a people’s museum as the event will be memorialised through the experiences of the people.

It will also showcase their grit and spirit of survival, since despite losing everything they were able to rise from the dust. 

This is a poignant yet powerful story, which has never been told before as an experiential museum.

This will not only be a place of remembrance it will also become a resource centre for the study and understanding of the Partition of India. 

It was the largest migration in history, when over 18 million were forced to leave their homes. Two million lost their lives. Countless women were abducted and raped and children abandoned. 

Despite this, there is no space where their sacrifice is commemorated. 

The unique Museum is receiving international media attention.  And people all over the world are writing to us with their experiences, which they want to include in the Museum. 

The Town Hall is a grand colonial structure, dating back to the early 20th century and goes very well with the theme of our Museum. 

The Arts and Cultural Heritage Trust is curating the material, and gathering oral histories and documentation from all over the world. We are being supported by major universities and archival institutions, including the British Library, the UK Parliamentary Library, the National Archives of India, Cambridge University and others.  

This is a very powerful and emotive story. It connects with millions of Indians all over the world, but particularly in India. 

Other countries have commemorated these events and have Museums such as the Holocaust Museum or the Apartheid Museum, which are Sites of Conscience and transformational.

Time has come for us to honour the historical memory of the millions who struggled, suffered and survived and also those who gave up everything, including their lives. 

Please help us set up this National Heritage Museum.